Quick Answer: What Does The Term On The Anvil Mean?

What does anvil mean in a sentence?

An anvil is defined as a block made of iron and used as a surface on which to hammer heated metals into desired shapes.

An example of someone who might use an anvil is a blacksmith.


What is the definition of unveil?

transitive verb. 1 : to remove a veil or covering from. 2 : to make public : divulge, reveal a good time to unveil their plans.

What does on the anvil mean?

not yet matured(idiomatic) In a state of discussion, formation, or preparation; not yet matured.

Who uses anvil?

The one-off handmade products of the blacksmith are less economically viable in the modern world, while in the past they were an absolute necessity. However, anvils are still used by blacksmiths and metal workers of all kinds in producing custom work. They are also essential to the work done by farriers.

What part of speech is anvil?

ANVIL (noun) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What are some examples of imbroglio?

The definition of an imbroglio is an embarrassing and often complex mess or misunderstanding. When your wife and mistress show up at the same time for a dinner date, this is an example of an imbroglio. A complicated situation; an entanglement. An involved and confusing situation; state of confusion and complication.

Is imbroglio a word?

Imbroglio is just a borrowed word from Italian meaning “entanglement.” If something embarrassing happens at a public event, such as a mishap during the musical performances at the Super Bowl, it is sometimes called an imbroglio.

What is a good anvil?

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the most popular anvils being sold on amazon.HappyBuy Single Horn Anvil 66lb Steel Anvil. This anvil currently comes in a 55lb and 66lb variety. … NC BigFace Anvil. … Rigid 69632 Black Model 9 Forged Anvil. … Rigid 69642 Model 12 Anvil.Sep 26, 2018

What is unfettered mean?

: not controlled or restricted : free, unrestrained unfettered access to the Senate.—

Is Anvil a word?

anvil n. A heavy iron block used in the blacksmithing trade as a surface upon which metal can be struck and shaped. anvil n. (anatomy) An incus bone in the middle ear.

What is another word for Anvil?

Anvil Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for anvil?blacksmithfarriersmithyironsmithshoer1 more row

What is the meaning of imbroglio?

1a : an acutely painful or embarrassing misunderstanding. b : scandal sense 1a survived the political imbroglio. c : a violently confused or bitterly complicated altercation : embroilment. d : an intricate or complicated situation (as in a drama or novel)

What is a Anvil used for?

Anvil, iron block on which metal is placed to be shaped, originally by hand with a hammer. The blacksmith’s anvil is usually of wrought iron, but sometimes of cast iron, with a smooth working surface of hardened steel. A projecting conical beak, or horn, at one end is used for hammering curved pieces of metal.

What dread means?

: to be apprehensive or fearful dread not. dread. noun. Definition of dread (Entry 2 of 3) 1a : great fear especially in the face of impending evil were filled with dread by reports of another terrorist attack.

Why do blacksmiths hit the anvil?

This is usually the time where a blacksmith will evaluate their work and determine what needs to be done to complete the job. Instead of stopping the hammer rhythm altogether and then restarting with the heavier strikes, a blacksmith might tap the anvil to keep the momentum and rhythm up.

Why are anvils so expensive?

Another reason that new anvils are expensive, is that they must be made out of a tough, impact resistant material. Cheap grey cast iron is way too brittle for the abuse that an anvil will be expected to endure, and building anvils out of wrought iron like the olden days is too uneconomical.