How Do You Bookmark On BookBub?

Remember to change the following elements:

  • href URL = the URL of your Author Profile or book page on BookBub.
  • img src URL = the URL of the image you copied in Step 2.
  • alt text = if necessary, change “Follow me on BookBub” to “Bookmark on BookBub” or whichever site this icon is linking to (e.g. “Like me on Facebook”).

15 Mar 2017

What is a bookmark for books?

A bookmark is a thin marker, commonly made of card, leather, or fabric, used to keep the reader’s place in a book and to enable the reader to return to it with ease. Other frequently used materials for bookmarks are paper, metals like silver and brass, silk, wood, cord (sewing), and plastic.

How do you get more followers on BookBub?

14 Ideas For Getting More BookBub Followers

  1. Encourage follows in your books’ back matter.
  2. Add a BookBub follow button to your website.
  3. Add a call-to-action to your newsletter.
  4. Recommend books on BookBub.
  5. Invite your existing community to follow you.
  6. Run a contest to encourage BookBub follows.
  7. Run a joint giveaway with other authors.

26 Sep 2018

How do I get my book on BookBub?

How to apply for a BookBub deal:

  • Go to and scroll down to the bottom of the homepage.
  • Click on “Submit New Deal” under the Publishers and Authors column on the footer.
  • Fill out the form, including the price drop, dates, and Amazon links.
  • Add your comments (highly recommended).

How do I promote my book sales?

50 (and more) ways to promote your book

  1. Tweet about it.
  2. Make a book trailer.
  3. Ask your readers to send in images of them with your book and then pin them on Pinterest. (
  4. Comment on threads in Facebook groups or on other people’s threads to build your reputation as an expert.
  5. Write a press release for PRWeb.

19 Jul 2018

How do you create a bookmark?

Navigate to the page you’d like to bookmark.

  • Press Ctrl+D, or At the end of the address bar at the top of the browser window, click the icon.
  • Name the bookmark (A), select the folder in which you want it saved (B), and then click the Add button (C).

What does a bookmark symbolize?

It depends if you mean bookmark on the Web browser, or a bookmark in a book. a ribbon or other marker placed between the pages of a book to mark a place. Digital Technology. Also called favorite. a link to a website address saved electronically in a browser to facilitate quickaccess to the web page.

Where is BookBub?

BookBub was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Learn more about how BookBub works, read member testimonials, or see what media outlets like The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Fox, and Forbes say about us.

How do you get followers on Goodreads?

Quick How-To: get 1,000 Goodreads followers with 5 minutes of

  1. On Goodreads, hover over your picture in the top-right corner. When a menu appears, click on “Friends.”
  2. Find this in the top-right corner of “Friends” page:
  3. Click on each platform’s icon and send out invites by clicking on “Add Friends” button.

How much does BookBub cost?

BookBub features are more competitive than ever.

The cost has gone up as well: on average, a promotion for a book priced at $0.99 costs $561. Some categories cost over $1,000.

How does BookBub make money?

How Does BookBub Work? You create a free account, which was pretty painless by my standards, then indicate the device you use to read ebooks and choose your favorite genres. Publishers pay a fee to submit their books to BookBub and be included in the daily email. Lucky for us, the service is free for readers.

Does BookBub have audiobooks?

Today we are thrilled to announce that BookBub is entering the exciting world of audiobooks! Chirp offers consumers a fresh selection of limited-time audiobook deals every day that they can purchase à la carte directly from the site.